Source: Aaron Burden, Unsplash 6 August 2019

The PozQoL scale was developed in partnership with PLHIV peer organisations and ViiV Healthcare. The copyright for the PozQoL scale is held by La Trobe University and there is no fee involved in the use of PozQoL as long as the scale itself is not being used for any explicitly commercial purposes.  We only ask that the scale is appropriately cited and acknowledged in any relevant reports or papers, preferably the BMC Public Health paper:

Graham Brown, Gosia Mikołajczak, Anthony Lyons, Jennifer Power, Fraser Drummond, Aaron Cogle, Brent Allan, Craig Cooper, and Simon O’Connor. “Development and validation of PozQoL: a scale to assess quality of life of PLHIV.” BMC Public Health 18, no. 1 (2018): 527.

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