Source: Aaron Burden, Unsplash 6 August 2019

Why a new QoL scale?

Advances in HIV medical treatment are driving major changes in HIV policy and practice, including the encouragement of uptake and maintenance of antiretroviral treatment by PLHIV for both personal and public health benefits. However, achieving these goals requires a concurrent focus on the broader quality of life of PLHIV, including psychological and social wellbeing.

HIV community, support and healthcare services needed a valid, short and practical way to evaluate and compare the impact of their programs. To meet this need, the PozQoL study aimed to develop, test and validate a short and freely available scale assessing the health related quality of life (QoL) among PLHIV that could be easily incorporated in to the day-to-day practice of health and community services as well as other community led social research.

How was PozQoL developed?

The PozQoL scale was developed in four stages: review of the existing literature, conceptualization, item development, and validation through an online survey of 465 people with HIV. In each stage, the insights from consultations with PLHIV and other stakeholders supported the balancing of statistical rigour and conceptual accuracy.

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